Why is Williams the perfect place for a Giant Numbat?

Williams is a rural community located approximately 38 km south of Dryandra Woodland (and 160 km south of Perth), which is home to one of the last two remaining wild populations of Numbats in Australia. Numbats used to be found right across southern Australia but their numbers have dramatically declined due to predation by foxes and cats and loss of their habitat. 

Miraculously, two small populations have survived. One of these is Dryandra Woodland in Western Australia. Since the 1980’s agencies such as the Department of Parks of Wildlife and Perth Zoo have successfully worked on a breeding program, reintroductions, predator control and monitoring.

Where Numbats were once prevalent and thriving, now there are less than 1,000 left.  

Based on the Albany Highway, the town of Williams is the considered the ‘gateway’ to the Southwest for travelers and over 2,500 vehicles pass by each day.  This playground and Giant Numbat will encourage people to stop and take a look, be active, have a coffee perhaps, get to know the Williams township and visit nearby Dryandra Woodland.

You may have noticed too, the Shire of Williams, Williams Primary School and even the local cycle club called the Numbutts all have the Numbat as their logo!